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Jul. 9, 2016

found a great video that reminded me of my early days of my clay journey and obsession.  check this video out:

the summer after graduation from college, i worked on my primative pottery techniques at my parent's home while i decided whether to go to grad school or what?  made small pieces of pottery, including minatures for doll houses.  built fires in the grove behind the house to simply fire the pottery.  i knew i was getting somewhere when i tried to create a container to increase the heat of the fire to fire the little pots in and melted the aluminum pot i used!

i loved that summer of experimentation.  i even tried to dig my own clay out of a bank near my sister's home in virginia.  rich red clay. but too much organis matter in it, only good for a slip to color my pots.

i encourage anyone to try som of these primative techniques.  they are fun!  enjoy.